2019 PDO Symposium Presentations

Welcoming Address, Erica Kiestra

Disruptive Technologies, Tom Wright

Antimicrobials, Tine van Werven

Practical Ways Without Antibiotics, Lloyd Holterman

Body Condition Score, James Drackley

Do the Tough Things Right, Elaine Froese

Payment Fraud, Dennis Parker

Labour Costs PDO Survey Results, Marlene Paibomesai

When the Headline is You, Jeff Ansell

Finding Fairness, Elaine Froese

Kick-start Succession Conversations, Elaine Froese

Discuss the Undiscussabull: Tools for talking about
tough issues in farm transfer, Elaine Froese

Mental Health in Farming, Briana Hagen

Eight Domains, Briana Hagen

Wellness Wheel, Briana Hagen

Advanced Genetics, Brian Houin

Transition Cow Disease, Michael Overton

ESA Stray Voltage Guidelines, Phil Meadows & Muayad Tarabain

Stray Voltage, Phil Meadows & Muayad Tarabain

Managing Pregnancy Losses, Eduardo Ribeiro

Early Effects Last a Lifetime, Tine van Werven

Australia Deregulation Disruption, Stuart Crosthwaite

Farm Labour in Ontario, Ken Linington

Temporary Foreign Workers, Ken Linington

Producer Panel

Future Dairy Aisle, Michael Barrett