About PDO

Progressive Dairy Operators is focused on enhancing our dairy industry through dedication to innovation and excellence in dairy business management as well as providing opportunities through leadership, experience and education. Our vision is to be a global leader in the dairy industry.

Programs developed by Progressive Dairy Operators (PDO) include high caliber conferences held every three years featuring leading research experts and innovative dairy producers from around the world. Technology centered tours to leading edge free stall operations have included: Holland, France, New Zealand, Michigan, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. These programs have played a role in bringing new technologies such as parallel parlors, greenhouse barns, sand bedding, and corn silage processing to Ontario dairy producers. Tours overseas have helped to expand our understanding of our global partners/competitors and to appreciate the 'world of dairying'.

While education and technology will remain the focus, we are repeatedly asked to represent the viewpoint of larger commercial herds in industry dialogue on marketing, genetics, milk recording, environment and other issues. As a membership based organization we strive to reflect your views in such discussions and take them forward.